From pick-up to delivery, we’re your recycling logistical experts

Serving the world, one customer at a time.


Denton Plastics is ideally situated to serve the needs of our customers locally, nationally and around the world. Our Portland, Oregon-based facility is located directly on a rail line with easy access to West Coast ports, and our fleet of trucks provides timely service nationwide, regardless of location. Businesses across the country depend on our ability to effectively package and transfer product to wherever it’s needed. We can also provide your company with on-site trailers to save you valuable floor space and help streamline your production process.

In addition to transport, we can purchase your plastic waste or process it for you, converting your waste materials into sustainable resins. To date, we have exported more than 20 types of plastics, meeting the needs of manufacturers far and wide.

We make it easy… and easy on you.

Denton Plastics makes transporting your recyclable materials as easy as possible by managing every step of the logistics process.

  • We pick up your materials at your facility, coordinating all logistics.
  • We provide you with a standard Bill of Lading prior to pick up.
  • We dispatch rail cars, trucks or export containers depending upon your needs.
  • We coordinate with your staff to ensure timely pick-up.
  • Upon receipt of your materials, we inspect the materials and complete a detailed receiving report.
  • We provide complete shipping documentation, including Bills of Lading.
  • We can also provide certified destruction and carbon footprint reports.

Working with Denton Plastics means ease of mind and only the highest quality products.