Comprehensive Recycling Solutions for Businesses

Let us plan and implement your entire recycling program.


Denton Plastics provides businesses from a wide range of sectors with a full spectrum of recycling consulting services. We have the experience and resources needed to plan and implement your business’ entire recycling program from start to finish, and in many cases we can help you turn waste into new revenue streams. Call us today.

Regardless of your needs or type of business, Denton Plastics is available to provide innovative solutions. For example:

  • Our recycling experts can assist you throughout the process of analyzing and testing your materials in order to determine their potential recyclability and value.
  • By analyzing melt flow, density, specific gravity, impact strength and other factors, we can identify the best application for your plastic materials.
  • We can purchase your plastic waste or process it for you, and convert it into sustainable resins for the next generation of high-quality plastic products.

Give us a call and let our experienced consultants develop your cradle-to-cradle recycling solution.

We’re not green when it comes to recycling.

When it comes to recycling, the Denton team is anything but green. Our senior management team has more than 140 years combined experience in the plastics and recycling industries. Isn’t that the kind of experience you want on your recycling team?

Dennis Denton, Chairman

Nicole Janssen, President

Teresa Galin, Sr. Vice President

Leon Etlinger, Vice President – Sales & Marketing

Randy Miller, Vice President – Operations