Beyond the green fence

Early last year, China implemented the “Green Fence,” a policy designed to reduce pollution by keeping contaminated and low-quality scrap plastics from the U.S. and elsewhere out of China.

While the policy has recently expired, The Green Fence brought about significant changes in the plastics recycling industry – some for the better. China has long been a leading destination for recyclable materials, including contaminated and poorly sorted materials from many recyclers the U.S. and elsewhere. Following the implementation of the Green Fence, some U.S. recyclers and municipalities faced new challenges because their recycling programs depended on the ability to sell their low quality scrap plastics to China.

However, here at Denton, we’ve always prided ourselves on our high-quality products and processes. And the way we see it, encouraging U.S. cities and recyclers to produce less contaminated waste and recycle more waste domestically is a good thing.

We’re finding that manufacturers in the U.S. and abroad increasingly demand the finest in virgin, recycled and scrap plastic materials. And high quality recycled plastic materials are not only better for the global and domestic environment, they are better for manufacturers, consumers and the economy.

By investing in advanced sorting and cleaning technologies, domestic plastic recyclers can truly raise the bar and give manufacturers the materials they need to produce quality products for their customers. This approach means less waste, a reliable domestic source of materials for producers and a lower carbon footprint as fewer low-quality materials are shipped overseas. It’s a win-win for everyone.

At Denton Plastics, we’re constantly raising the bar for quality and we’ve always thought that’s the right thing to do. Our Portland, Oregon facility provides the best products and services to customers around the nation and around the world, across a broad range of industries – from high tech and electronics to plastic manufacturing, construction, household product manufacturers and more. Give us a call today to learn more about our innovative approach to recycling.