Our Story.


Long before “Green” became the trendy economic buzzword it is today, Dennis Denton had a vision. He believed it was possible to help the environment while promoting strong, sustainable business principles. In 1983, with that vision in mind, Dennis founded Denton Plastics in Portland, Oregon.

Shortly thereafter, Dennis and his colleagues began harvesting the urban forest, excavating plastic materials from the scrap bins and warehouses of industrial plants, schools and businesses. This commitment and expertise gave new life to materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills.

As the needs of customers became more diverse, Denton Plastics developed recycling and processing solutions to meet them. New extrusion processes were introduced to engineer innovative plastic compounds, and collection systems were designed to harvest more material to produce the highest quality recycled plastics.

Today, Denton Plastics stands alone as an innovator in the plastics industry, serving customers around the world with our cradle-to-cradle production model. While Denton Plastics has certainly grown over the years, our commitment to creative ideas, sustainable solutions and making a positive difference in the world and in our communities is as strong as ever.